What is DigiLocker? How to use DigiLocker app?

By | August 12, 2018

digilocker app

What is DigiLocker?

The first question that must have been raised in your mind is that what is DigiLocker and how it can be used. Your answer to this question is that DigiLocker is a client-based service, which the Government of India has started to keep the digital copy of documents required for citizens, such as certificates, driving licenses, passports etc., to keep the online copy safe. This service started by PM Modi in 2015. You can save your documents in DigiLocker via Laptop or App (Android and iOS) too. It’s a safe, online storage where you can save all your government documents digitally.

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With the help of Digilocker, you no longer need to carry a driving license and RC. The electronic documents present in the DigiLocker app have been recognized by the centre.

The DCL or M-Transport (mParivahan) platforms have allowed the centre to accept the driving license and vehicle registration papers in electronic form. A notification has been sent to the states under it. Documents can be shown electronically under the eChallan system, according to PTI report.

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How to upload documents in DigiLlocker app?

To upload your documents to the digitalizer, you just need to click on Upload Your Documents. After this, you can upload your document in a .jpg (Joint Pictures Group) or.PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. Once the document has been uploaded, you can use it anywhere. You do not have to physically carry a document.

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